Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Questions for Allorie

   Since I've already done painfully outdated and inaccurate interviews for Barrow, Katria, and Egin, there were only three characters I need to interview. All my betas voted for Allorie, so here she is.

   Allorie is the daughter of the Empress of Daglen. She knows very little about her father, who died before she was a year old, except for the fact that he was a soldier. Because of this, her mother forces her to live and train with the other soldiers, but still expects Allorie to become Empress one day. Despite trying her absolute hardest to live up to everyone's expectations, she is constantly criticized by everyone she knows and has only ever had one friend. But mere days before her sixteenth birthday, three strange teenagers arrive at the castle and, in front of the court, tell her that her father was a Nameless, a legendary war hero. Although her mother furiously forbids it, Allorie runs away to join them, hoping to make friends and make a difference in the war that plagues her country.
   Her MBTI is ISFJ. She is very kind and looks out for others before herself. She can always find a way to blame herself when things go wrong. She's very good at singing and loves to spar with Kaleth. She's very protective of her friends and does all she can do take care of and protect them.

   Have any questions for Allorie? Leave them in the comments, and she'll answer them next week.


  1. Get ready . . . I have tons if questions.

    What weapons has she been trained in? Which is her favorite?
    How did she meet her one friend?
    Is she receiving any kind of training for her role as empress?
    What are her teachers like?
    What is she best at?
    What is something that she just can't get the hang of?
    What is her favorite way to dress, but what does she usually wear (soldier gear, fancy dresses?)?
    What is her best friend like?
    What does she enjoy doing in her spare time?
    What does she picture her father like?
    Does she ever dream of being someone else, and if so, who would she be?
    What does she fear the most?

    Hope that isn't too many. XD

  2. Omg, Allorie sounds so intriguing and interesting and her backstory...WOW. Ohh, questions. QUESTIONS.
    If she could have anything she wanted, what would it be?
    How far would she go to save someone she loved?

  3. Annika stole so many good questions! Haha! XD Is there a token that Allorie owns that means a lot to her? That she couldn't do without? Like a necklace or dagger or book?


  4. Ughhh I tried to comment but I don't think it worked? Anyway, my brain is tired, but here are a couple of questions.

    How does she really feel about her mother?
    Does she want to be Empress? If she could do anything with her life, what would it be?
    *will maybe ask more later but there you go for now*