Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beautiful People Linkup #6 - Valentine edition, Part 3

Today, we’ll be talking to two more characters from the Celios universe, Lewis and Ivy Carter-Stryker. 

Krissy: Why don’t you two introduce yourselves?

Ivy: Well, I'm Ivy Carter-Stryker, I live in the Arcadian desert with my whole extended family and my phoenix-wolf friend Marf. I've lived on a spaceship that's my grandpa's my whole life, parked in the desert. I can talk to animals, use fire, I'm actually fireproof too. *smirks* And my favorite color is red. I also-

Lewis: *grins* Don’t I get a turn?

Ivy: Oh right... *laughs and smiles shyly*

Lewis: I’m Lewis Carter-Stryker. I lived most of my life in a big city on Retho. When the city was captured by the enemy, I got thrown in jail for leading the resistance. *smirks* My friends broke me out of prison; we escaped in a spaceship, went through a wormhole… *smiles at Ivy, his arm around her* And the rest is history.

Ivy: I was actually the first girl he met on Arcadia. *grins*

Krissy: *grins* So, how long have you been together?

Lewis: Almost….almost eight months, right? *looks at Ivy*

Ivy: Yeah that's right... In a twist of events we kinda started dating as soon as we met. *wrinkles her nose a little and giggles*

Lewis: *kisses her nose* Why would I not want to date you?

Ivy: *grins* Well you do have my "scary" family.

Lewis: *shrugs* You’re worth it.

Krissy: So I bet everyone is dying to know how you met. *smiles*

Ivy: In the middle of the desert. I was taking a joy ride when I saw this guy randomly walking along in the desert.

Lewis: We’d just crashed on Arcadia. Felix found us and was helping my friend Ruth with everyone who’d been injured, and I was going for help. And I found the most wonderful girl in the world.

Ivy: *blushes* Well... It just so happened that Lewis forgot his mission when he found me but to his luck I'm actually Felix's nephew. I brought him home and- *motions for Lewis to take the next line*

Lewis: And her mom had me killed. *laughs* Not really. She made me do a test in the VR, or Virtual Reality, to see if she approved, and I ended up dying to save Ivy.

Ivy: And that all happened because Mom thought he was my boyfriend and then baam! He passed the test and my whole family just treated him as my boyfriend... We just went with it. *grins*

Krissy: *smiles* I was going to give the next question to Jeff, but it’s already half-answered

Jeff: I'll ask it anyway *smirks* what were your first thoughts when you met each other?

Lewis: *blushes a little* Honestly, the first thing I noticed was how cute she was.

Ivy: To be honest, I didn't truly notice as "Oh look a boy!!" until I was driving him home and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

Lewis: You made me! I was too shy to do it at first!

Ivy: Well that is true.. *wrinkles her nose and leans forward* I kinda put his hands around my waist. I didn't want him flying off when we started going four and five hundred kilos. *grins*

Krissy: *smiles* Do you ever annoy each other?

Ivy: *shrugs* I eat food off of his plate.

Lewis: *sighs* She does.

Ivy: But it irritates me that he blames himself for everything that goes wrong. *looks down* It irritates me because...he's wrong. And he won't listen... And I don't like him feeling all that guilt.

Lewis: *smiles softly at Ivy and pulls her closer* I’m used to being in charge, and when something goes wrong…. *smiles* Other than stealing food, this girl’s perfect, though.

Ivy: I only take your food because yours tastes better. *grins*

Lewis: *laughs* It’s the same food!

Ivy: Fine.. I eat it because it's yours...just like I wear your shirts. Because they are yours.

Lewis: *smiles and kisses her forehead*

Jeff: *smiles* So do you guys have similar or opposite personalities?

Lewis: We’re pretty similar, I think.

Ivy: Fairly similar. *nods and smiles*

Jeff: How do you think your lives would be different if you didn't have each other?

Lewis: *thinks* Everything would be lot harder. I don’t think I’d be as dedicated to the resistance. If I ever lost her…. *shakes his head, looking down*

Ivy: I wouldn't have my dad back if it wasn't for Lewis..... *looks down* Actually... I'm not sure the rebellion would have actually gotten to where it is is without him. He... He gives me hope... Without him... *sighs* without him I'd still be that trapped girl on a spaceship.

Lewis: *hugs her tightly and kisses her forehead*

Ivy: *kisses his nose*

Krissy: *grins at the cuteness* Have you ever embarrassed each other?

Ivy: Lewis doesn't embarrass me.

Lewis: I don’t think she’s ever embarrassed me either.

Ivy: Not even when I asked you hold me while I slept when I thought Mom died?

Lewis: No...I was more nervous than embarrassed.

Jeff: *smiles softly* So...does anyone disapprove of the two of you?

Lewis: I sure hope not.

Ivy: *chuckles* if they do they should have said so when they asked at our wedding.

Krissy: *grins* You just answered the next question.

Jeff: Wait, I had a question that we weren't planning on. Do you feel eight months is adequate time to know someone before getting married?

Lewis: I….I’ll admit that this was quick. And for some people it might not be enough time. But….it was enough for us.

Ivy: I knew early on that Lewis was the one. *smiles* I didn't need anymore time.

Jeff: last question, what is your idea for a perfect outing?

Lewis: *smiles* Speeder ride, down to Jupiter Valley.

Ivy: With a picnic in the valley as we watch the Suns set... Then stargaze. *leans her head on his shoulder grinning*

Lewis: *smiles at her* And maybe kiss a few times.

Ivy: Maybe... We'll see *grins playfully at him*

Lewis: *grins and kisses her forehead*

Krissy: Thanks for coming by, guys!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beautiful People Linkup #6 - Valentine edition, Part 2

We’re back! With the second Celios couple! Kitty and Tiger, go ahead and introduce yourselves.

Forgive Peter's lack of glasses. It's hard to find perfect fan art.

Peter: My name’s Peter Hawk-Stryker, but I get called Tiger sometimes. I like technology and mechanics. *adjusts his glasses and runs a hand through his hair* Do I have to do this?

Krissy: Yes. Deal with it. *smiles encouragingly at Kitty*

Kitty: I’m… *shyly and softly* I’m Kitty Hawk-Stryker… I’m a mechanic.. I… I... *is nervous*

Krissy: *smiles*  How long have you two been a couple?

Kitty: I... I haven't kept track *smiles shyly*

Peter: It’s been one month, three weeks, and two days since we started dating.

Kitty: You kept track? *smiles shyly*

Peter: *smiles* I keep track of everything.

Kitty: *smiles*

Jeff: So guys, how did you first meet?

Peter: Well, I’d seen her a few times, because I was hanging out with her brother. But we never officially met until one night when I couldn’t sleep. I was looking for a project that I’d misplaced and heard her messing with the engine. I figured I might as well introduce myself. *grins and puts his arm around Kitty’s waist*

Kitty: *smiles* My brother was always mean to me and all his friends... Except for Tiger, he was the only one that actually treated me nicely.

Krissy: What did you think of each other when you first met?

Kitty: I... Well at first I thought he was going to be like all the others... But he was nice to me. He... He was really nice. And smart... And funny...

Peter: *smiles* You were crushing on me since we first met, weren’t you?

Kitty: *looks down shyly and nods*

Peter: *grins and kisses the top of her head* I was like the others at first. But when I really met her, I realized how intelligent and kind she was, and how much she needed protection….that’s what I was. Her protector.

Kitty: I was a kitten.. A little kitty cat... He's my tiger.

Peter: *hugs her, smiling*

Krissy: Is he ever overly protective? Do you do anything that annoys each other?

Kitty: He's overly protective sometimes... But...I don't mind it...I like feeling safe. *nods*

Peter: *looks down at Kitty* If anything about her annoyed me, I wouldn’t say it.

Kitty: *looks away shyly*

Jeff: do you think your personalities are similar or opposite?

Peter: *playing with Kitty’s ponytail* I think we’re pretty different, but not too much. We’re both pretty quiet, and we like technology, but she’s more emotional and I’m more objective.

Kitty: *nods* I think we're just different enough to complement each other

Peter: *nods and smiles* Exactly.

Krissy: What would your lives be like without each other?

Kitty:*softly* brother would still... *looks down*

Peter: *protectively tightens his arm around her* Her brother would hurt her. I saved her, sorta.

Kitty: He stood up to him... He made him stop.

Peter: *smiles* Life without Kitty....*shakes his head* She’s my everything.

Kitty: *looks away shyly*

Jeff: are you guys ever embarrassed of each other?

Peter: No. *shakes his head* Logically, knowing me, it should annoy me when she gets scared and shy. But it just makes me angry and protective, not embarrassed.

Kitty: He makes me laugh... But he doesn't really embarrass me. *smiles softly*

Krissy: Does anyone disapprove of you being together?

Peter: *shrugs* I wouldn’t care if they did.

Kitty: *shakes her head*

Krissy: Do you think this is a long-term relationship? Maybe even one leading to marriage?

Kitty: *whispers softly* I.... I hope so.

Peter: *smiles softly at Kitty* It’s definitely a possibility. Of course, there are dozens of other possibilities, but….I wouldn’t mind that one. *grins*

Kitty: *grins*

Krissy: *smiles* Last question, guys, then you’re free to go. What would be the perfect outing?

Kitty: *softly* Sitting on a couch close together, tinkering. *smiles*

Peter: *smiles and nods* That, or working on the engine. Making out when we need a break. *grins at Kitty*

Kitty: *turns bright red and looks away smiling*

Peter: *strokes her cheek with his thumb, smiling*

Krissy: *grins* Thanks so much you two!

Peter: *smiles* No problem.

Kitty: *nods and smiles leaning against Peter*

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Beautiful People Linkup #6 - Valentine edition

Yes, I'm still alive!!

   Today you get to read about one of my OTPs for the Beautiful People linkup.

  (Yes I know it’s after Valentine’s day. Shush.)

  This one, however, won’t be about Children of the Nameless, because I don’t talk about the shipping where my betas can hear. Instead, I’m going to talk about Celios, the story I’m working on with my best friend, Jeff. (Not the friend that’s a lot like Barrow. Jeff is my internet friend.)

Here's a picture that the lovely fairykam made for Jeff's birthday, at my request. :)

  So, without further ado, let’s welcome Jeff, and the characters we’ll be interviewing, Jeanette Simmons and Henry Hawk-Stryker! Why don’t you introduce yourselves, since you’ve never been on the blog before.

Jeanette: My name is Jeanette Simmons. I was born on Retho, but ever since my mom died, I’d lived on the space station Danica with my father, the commander. When the station was taken by the enemy, I moved back to Retho to live with my uncle. To make a long story short, we accidently traveled through a wormhole after rescuing my friend from prison, and ended up on Arcadia, the planet Henry lives on. *gives Henry a small smile*

Henry: My name… is Henry… Henry Hawk-Stryker… I live on Arcadia… on a ship… in the desert. With family *smiles softly*

Krissy: Thanks for coming, you guys! Okay, for the first question. How long have you been a couple?

Henry: Three months… *grins* But… we know each other for… four and a half… months before that..

Jeanette: *smiles softly, holding Henry’s hand*

Jeff: So how did you two first meet?

Jeanette: Well… *smiles sheepishly* I was unconscious when we arrived. He was holding my hand as I was waking up, and I…

Henry: *smiles slightly and shakes his head* She not like that… not then.

Jeanette: I got mad at him for holding my hand, and when I found out he could read minds…

Krissy: Wait, Henry, you forgot that part. Tell us about your powers.

Henry: *smiles shyly* Well… I… can read minds…. and I… I feel… other’s… emotions… When I met her… she unconscious… so I… I stayed with her…. and I read her… the real her…. the… one without walls…

Jeanette: I was furious. The thought that someone knew me, before I knew them… *looks at their hands* I don’t mind, now. *smiles softly*

Jeff: It seems you pretty much answered my next question too… what were your first thoughts of each other?

Jeanette: I… *looks down* I hated him.

Henry: I... I loved her…. all my heart…. she needed me… and… and… I… I needed her…

Jeanette: *smiles at him* I do need you. I just didn’t realize it then.

Krissy: *restrains herself from flailing* So, we’ve seen how cute you are, but what annoys you most about each other?

Henry: *looks like he’s having to think really hard*

Jeanette: He...he’s too optimistic sometimes. And too nice.

Jeff: Too nice?

Jeanette: He...he’s always nice. Even when he shouldn’t be. *looks down, ashamed*

Henry: I… I just nice…. I... love you *leans his head on her shoulder*

Jeanette: *leans her head against his* I love you too, stupid boy.

Krissy: Okay, you two are way too adorable.

Jeff: So you two… opposite or similar personalities?

Jeanette: We’re not complete opposites, but...we’re not very much alike.

Henry: But we complement…. each other *Grins*

Jeanette: *nods, smiling*

Krissy: And here’s where we get into the deep stuff. How would your lives be different without each other?

Jeanette: *looks at Henry*

Henry: I… Before Jeanette… I... I only know family… she my first…. and very best…. friend… ever… I… I not think… *shakes his head* I not think of… life without her.

Jeanette: *looking down* I don’t think I could survive without him. I….I was….

Henry: she was… hurting… depressed… I help her *smiles softly*

Jeanette: He saved me. *squeezes his hand*

Henry: *smiles shyly*

Jeff: So.. are either of you ever embarrassed of each other?

Jeanette: *shakes her head proudly*

Henry: Never.

Jeanette: *smiles*

Krissy: I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to this one, but does anyone disapprove of your relationship?

Henry: *shakes his head* No one… we care about.

Krissy: Henry, there is one person….

Henry: well… he did… Peter… my… our adopted… brother.. he liked her.

Jeanette: Wait...Peter liked me?

Henry: *nods* remember… first night… we play chess… I got uncomfortable… made a bad move?

Jeanette: He was jealous of you.

Henry: *nods* and… it... feeling jealousy...makes...uncomfortable… It… made it… hard to think.. That why…I made the mistake… in chess.

Jeanette: Oh. Well, he has Kitty now, and I have you. *smiles*

Henry: And Kitty… is perfect for him *smiles softly*

Jeanette: *nods*

Krissy: Since no one disapproves, do you think your relationship could lead to marriage? *grins, knowing the answer*

Henry: No… I not think so *smirks slightly*

Jeanette: *smiles* We just got engaged.

Henry: *grins*

Krissy: You know….you haven’t told me about the ring yet. Do you have a ring?

Henry: well… I not actually… finished making… the ring yet *smiles shyly*

Krissy: But you are making one?

Henry: Of course… it is…. very special *grins*

Jeff: So to wrap things up we have one final question. if you could plan a perfect outing for the two of you… where would you go?

Jeanette: *looks at Henry* Maybe….flying?

Henry: honestly… *sighs happily* Anything… or anywhere… with her.

Jeanette: *smiles shyly* Flying, or riding the bikes, and then….looking at the the first night we met….

Henry: *smiles softly* I liked that night…. even… if you not like me then.

Jeanette: *smiles* I like you now. *kisses his cheek*

Henry: *blushes* I always liked you.

Krissy: *flails quietly* Well, thanks for coming, you two. And thanks for joining me, Jeff.

Jeff: Anytime.

Henry: *wraps his arm around Jeanette*

Jeanette: *smiles shyly*

Check back in soon for the other installments of the Beautiful People Celios Valentines!