Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Character Interview: Allorie

   Sorry for not posting last week. I really have no excuse.

Me: Hey guys! Today I'm going to be interviewing Allorie, one of the FMCs from Children of the Nameless.

Lyrics from "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten

Allorie: *smiles shyly*

Me: So. Let's get started. What weapons have you been trained in? Which is your favorite?

Allorie: *has a soft voice and speaks with an English accent* I know sword fighting and archery, and I also know how to fight with knives, and how to wrestle. I like everything but knives, *laughs softly* but sword fighting is my favorite.

Me: What are you best at? And what's something you just can't get the hang of?

Allorie: *laughs nervously* I'm going to assume we're still talking about weapons. I'm definitely best at sword fighting. There were a few times when they taught us to use a war hammer, and... *laughs* I failed. Completely.

Me: Speaking of teachers, what are yours like?

Allorie: Well... *looks down at her hands* They work us hard. *long pause* They're not very nice, but...I suppose it must get frustrating, trying to teach incompetent children all day. *tries to laugh*

Me: What's your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Allorie: *confused* We don't really have spare least, I don't. If I'm not training, or down at the barracks, I'm...with my mother... *twists her hands in her lap*

Me: *softly* How you do feel about your mother? Really? And don't worry; no one will ever know.

Allorie: *starts and stops several times, then whispers* She scares me. She hurts me, and yells at me, and... *shakes her head*

Me: *hugs Allorie* Do you really want to be Empress?

Allorie: *blinks, confused* I don't have any choice. I'm an only child. It's my duty to become Empress.

Me: Are you getting any training for when you become Empress?

Allorie: A little bit. I learn about government and diplomacy, and I watch the Empress to see how she does things.

Me: If you could say anything to her, or ask her anything? What would it be?

Allorie: Oh...oh...that...I... *softly* I would ask her what she thinks of me. If...if she really thinks I'm a failure, like she says I am.

Me: And what would you ask your father?

Allorie: What? I can't...he's dead...

Me: I know, but just pretend.

Allorie: I...I would ask him if he was proud of me. *blushes*

Me: I bet he is. *smiles* What do you picture him being like?

Allorie: *smiles slightly* He's tall and handsome and he's always smiling. And he's very strong.

Me: *smiles* So, tell me about your friend. How did you meet him? What's he like?

Allorie: *smiles slightly* Jeth was one of the older soldiers, and one day his group was helping us train...he saw some of the soldiers in my group teasing me and...told them to stop. After that, he always made sure to keep an eye on me, and talk to me and protect me whenever he could. But then... *looks down* His [squadron] was called to battle and...he never came back. He was very tough, and a great leader, but he was also very caring and gentle. *smiles sadly* I miss him.

Me: If you could have anything or do anything you wanted, what would it be?

Allorie: *thinks* I would...I would be with someone who cared about me. We would take care of each other, and love each other. And...I want to end the war, so my people can live in peace. *sits up straighter* That's why I joined Kaleth and his friends.

Me: Do you ever dream of being someone else? If so, who would you be?

Allorie: I don't want to be someone else. I just want to be a better version of me. Someone...someone who people can care about and come to for help.

Me: How far would you go to save someone you loved.

Allorie: I think, if I found someone I truly loved, I would be willing to die for them.

Me: *softly* What do you fear the most?

Allorie: *stares down at her hands* Being alone and useless and hated forever. Never being good enough for anything.

Me: What words bother you the most to hear?

Allorie: Well, I've heard it a lost from the soldiers, so I should be used to it, but I don't like when the boys curse.'s silly, but I don't like when people call me "useless" or "pathetic" or things like that. *tries to laugh*

Me: Nobody does. Now tell me about your singing. Do you have a favorite type of music to sing? Do you ever perform, or is it something you just do for yourself?

Allorie: *blushes* I've never really sung in front of people. It made the Empress angry the one time she heard me, so I don't sing around her or any of the leaders, and the other soldiers would tease me about it, so I don't sing around them.  But I've been singing more, especially with Danica. *smiles*

Me: What's your favorite way to dress? What do you normally wear?

Allorie: Well, I've only worn a dress two or three times, but I loved it. *smiles* Normally, I wear a soldier's uniform: dark grey pants and a blue tunic.

Me: Is there a token that you own that means a lot to you, like a necklace or dagger or book?

Allorie: *thinks, then shakes her head* I don't think so. Unless you count my sword. I usually keep it with me because it makes me feel safe.

Me: And, that's it! Thanks for letting me talk to you, Allorie!

Allorie: *smiles* Of course.

And thank you for reading! I promise, I'll get better at posting.


  1. AHHH FEELINGS *hugs Allorie forever and keeps her away from the Empress* It's a good thing I'm her mother now.

  2. Aw she sounds so sweet! She and my character Claes would get along lol. I hope life gets better for her!