Tuesday, February 28, 2017

#WIPJoy Character Takeover

   Okay, so I literally missed all of February. I've been lazy and sick and working more than normal. I'm doing my best, okay? And I have a super cool post planned for next week. Anyway, on to the post. 

   On Twitter, author Bethany A. Jennings created a hashtag for celebrating your work in progress. Every few months, she has a daily prompt so that we writers can ramble about our WIPs. Well, as much as you can ramble with a 140 character limit.
   I love participating, but I lost momentum about two weeks into January and kinda just....stopped. But there was a week I really wanted to do—the Protagonist Takeover week! So, I'm just gonna do it here.

   The thing is...I have six protagonists. So this will be interesting. I'm not sure if I'll have all of them answer each question, but they'll all answer at least one. We'll see what happens.
   (Click the links on the characters' names if you're new to Children of the Nameless or you just want a refresher.)

Describe yourself in five words

Kaleth: Courageous, strong, a good leader.

Danica: Um...quiet, thoughtful, peacemaker...tired.

Barrow: Loud. Obnoxious. An irresistible charmer. *hesitates, then winks* Recalcitrant.

Allorie: I'm gentle, selfless, and...hopeful. *feels unconfortable praising herself*

Katria: ...no.

Egin: I...um...I like trees?

One thing you'd change about your past?

Kaleth: I wish I'd known the truth about my father sooner, so I could have helped even more people.

Danica: I... *looks down* If I could, I would have my father marry someone kinder.

Barrow: *folds his arms defensively* My past is none of your business.

Favorite way to relax?

Kaleth: ....talking to Allorie or Danica, I guess.

Danica: I like going out on my own, somewhere peacful and quiet where I can just think. Maybe braid my hair or pick flowers.

Barrow: Reading. It's always been an escape for me.

Allorie: *smiles shyly* I like when Danica braids my hair.

Katria: Bein' with Conryn*. 

Egin: Being alone in the forest. Practicing my magic.

Egin spending time in the forest
*her best friend

A line you were proud to say*

ah, my brave son

technically she didn't /say/ it but it counts, man

the sassy problematic fave

*I'm just including lines from the current draft. the first draft is huge and embarrassing and I am too tired to scroll through 70k+ to find good lines. You'll get snippets from the others eventually, I promise

Tell us about where you live

Kaleth: I was raised in a small village in Iyon, but now I'm traveling to world to find the other Nameless.

Danica: I lived in a village a few day's walk from Kaleth's. There are big green fields, and we're surrounded by a forest. It's beautiful.

Barrow: Most of my life was spent in the city of Reoun, a city near the edge of Frayn. But like most Fraynics, I've traveled much and spent time in other parts of the country.

Allorie: I spent my entire life in the capital city of Daglen.

Katria: Tsuki. Born an' raised. Only ever left for... *twirls knife between fingers* jobs.

Egin: I lived in the badlands between Skovia and the territories until I was six. It was just me and Lisbet* and Ma. Then she.... *trails off* Then Lisbet and I lived in Skovia.

The forest surrounding Kaleth's and Danica's villages

*Lisbet = Egin's little sister

Do you sympathize/relate to the antagonist?

Kaleth: *frowns* Absolutely not. Just because I'm Iyonian doesn't mean I agree with what my former countrymen did.

What are you self-conscious about?

Kaleth: My mistakes.

Danica: ...everything? I have all these thoughts inside my head but I can't seem to get them out. It makes me feel stupid.

Barrow: Nothing. *winks*

Allorie: *sheepishly* My hands. They're rough and calloused from working hard...I wish I could have soft hands.

Katria: No point in being self-conscious. Ain't gonna help anythin'.

Egin: I, um...not being normal.

   Well, I hope you liked this little character interview thing! I really enjoyed getting to talk about my babies. Who was your favorite/least favorite? Have you ever participated in #WIPJoy? Comment below so we can chat!