About Me

   I'm Krissy.

This is my face. With glasses, for extra nerdiness.
   Here are some things you might want to know about me.

  • I'm a Mormon, and I love my Savior.
  • I'm a writer and a living, breathing plot bunny generator.
  • I'm a science nerd. The human body is amazing. Chemistry is amazing. Space is amazing. I REALLY LIKE SCIENCE OKAY.
  • I'm way too fond of all-caps.
  • Tangled is life, and I am literally Rapunzel.
  • Disney is the best.
  • But so is Harry Potter.
  • (I'm Gryffindor with a side of Slytherin, by the way.)
  • I'm also an ENFP and I know way too much about MBTI.
  • I'm really passionate about music.
  • Especially Twenty One Pilots, Lorde, Bastille, Paramore, and Fall Out Boy.
  • I like animated kids movies.
  • But also Lord of the Rings, Marvel, and Star Wars movies.
  • Books are life and I read way too many of them(haha no that's not possible)
  • I'm a hopeless romantic(with a soft spot for INTJs and INTPs but shh don't tell them)
  • I really like talking to people and making new friends, so comment below!


  1. Hiiiii! I found your blog through Katie Grace's.
    I am an INFP, and I really like staying home alone. :D
    Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, and NEEDTOBREATH are all super awesome and I listen to them a whole lot!
    I am a writer and I just wrote 45k in fifteen days. :D

  2. Oh yesssssss all the band's/artists you listed are ones I love. <333333
    Especially twenty one pilots THEY ARE TGE BEST EVER
    Hehe I'm an intj and I HEARD THAT. Don't worry, I won't unleash my fire on you.
    I love talking in caps too xD