Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hi guys! We’ve finally come to the end of the Celios Valentines.

So, Trevor and Echo, tell us about yourselves.

Echo: well I'm Hannah... Most people call me Echo though *adjusts large white headphones* I... *looks down* I'm actually a clone of my siblings’ sister....

Trevor: *shyly takes Echo’s hand* I- I’m Trevor Griffin-Stryker. I came to Arcadia with my friends…. *twirls a pencil in his fingers, graphite smudged on his hands* I like art.

Krissy: *smiles* So, how long have you been dating?

Echo: *shyly lets her bangs cover her eyes* A day.

Trevor: *blushes and nods*

Krissy: How did you first meet?

Echo: well... I had just been created... I wasn't taking it very well... And I went and hid... All my siblings were almost twenty five years older... And I felt I couldn't trust anyone... So *shakes her hair where the bangs fall in her eyes again* I did what makes me feel better... I listened to music and sang... Not knowing I chose the same room he was in....

Trevor: I was hiding too… girlfriend….I… we’d broken up and I was...hiding….d-drawing… and then Echo came and sang, and her song wanted to be drawn. *looks down and blushes*

Echo: after I realized he was there I was paralyzed.... But I slowly got the courage to sit by him. And ask about his drawings... And eventually... I curled up in his arms because I was scared.

Trevor: *gives a shy, proud smile* I helped her.

Krissy: *grins* So what were your first thoughts of each other?

Trevor: She was pretty...and sad….and her song was pretty.

Echo: *swishes her bangs again* I... He... He was caring.. Like Cody... He... Had just gone through a breakup yet he helped me... Helped me feel better.

Trevor: *smiles shyly*

Jeff: is there anything that you guys do that annoys each other?

Trevor: *thinks, then shakes his head*

Echo: *thinks* no.

Krissy: You guys seem pretty similar. Do you think so?

Echo: *nods shyly* I think we are similar. We both are artistic... We... We both communicate through art.... We're quiet...

Trevor: *nods, twirling his pencil through his fingers, and shakes his hair out of his eyes*

Krissy: How would your lives be different without each other?

Echo: I... Trevor is one of my only friends that are my age.... My siblings are my parents' age now... He's been there for me to help me adjust so it would have been much harder

Trevor: She… Echo helped me get through the breakup….she… she makes me...happy….and…. *smiles shyly* I want to show you how it feels, but no one will be able to see the drawing.

Krissy: *smiles* It’s okay Trevor.

Echo: *smiles shyly*

Jeff: *smiles* are you ever embarrassed of each other?

Trevor: She- She- She doesn’t do things….that I don’t like….

Echo: Even if he did I don't mind. *smiles softly* Cody used to embarrass us all the time.

Krissy: *grins* I didn’t know that. Do you think anyone disapproves of your relationship?

Trevor: I don’t think so… It’s hard t- t- to tell, since….it was just yesterday….

Echo: Cody approves... That's all I care about.

Krissy: Do you think this a long-term relationship? One that could lead to marriage?

Echo: I... I'm not sure.. It's only been a day... But I'm willing to stick it out and see *smiles softly*

Trevor: *smiles shyly* I’d like it to last….a long time...

Echo: I... I would too *smiles softly*

Trevor: *grins and ducks his head*

Jeff: in your mind, what is the perfect outing?

Trevor: I...I...I don’t know. I just like...being with her.

Echo: I.... Sitting... Touching... While I play my violin and he draws.

Trevor: *nods* I like when we… *squeezes her hand and smiles shyly* And when we’re being artistic….

Echo: *smiles shyly*

Krissy: Well, guys, that’s it! Thanks for coming, you two!

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to my other story. And I sincerely apologize for the lack of posting. Life's been beating me up, but I'm hopefully getting it under control. Expect more posts soon!

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