Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beautiful People Linkup #6 - Valentine edition, Part 2

We’re back! With the second Celios couple! Kitty and Tiger, go ahead and introduce yourselves.

Forgive Peter's lack of glasses. It's hard to find perfect fan art.

Peter: My name’s Peter Hawk-Stryker, but I get called Tiger sometimes. I like technology and mechanics. *adjusts his glasses and runs a hand through his hair* Do I have to do this?

Krissy: Yes. Deal with it. *smiles encouragingly at Kitty*

Kitty: I’m… *shyly and softly* I’m Kitty Hawk-Stryker… I’m a mechanic.. I… I... *is nervous*

Krissy: *smiles*  How long have you two been a couple?

Kitty: I... I haven't kept track *smiles shyly*

Peter: It’s been one month, three weeks, and two days since we started dating.

Kitty: You kept track? *smiles shyly*

Peter: *smiles* I keep track of everything.

Kitty: *smiles*

Jeff: So guys, how did you first meet?

Peter: Well, I’d seen her a few times, because I was hanging out with her brother. But we never officially met until one night when I couldn’t sleep. I was looking for a project that I’d misplaced and heard her messing with the engine. I figured I might as well introduce myself. *grins and puts his arm around Kitty’s waist*

Kitty: *smiles* My brother was always mean to me and all his friends... Except for Tiger, he was the only one that actually treated me nicely.

Krissy: What did you think of each other when you first met?

Kitty: I... Well at first I thought he was going to be like all the others... But he was nice to me. He... He was really nice. And smart... And funny...

Peter: *smiles* You were crushing on me since we first met, weren’t you?

Kitty: *looks down shyly and nods*

Peter: *grins and kisses the top of her head* I was like the others at first. But when I really met her, I realized how intelligent and kind she was, and how much she needed protection….that’s what I was. Her protector.

Kitty: I was a kitten.. A little kitty cat... He's my tiger.

Peter: *hugs her, smiling*

Krissy: Is he ever overly protective? Do you do anything that annoys each other?

Kitty: He's overly protective sometimes... But...I don't mind it...I like feeling safe. *nods*

Peter: *looks down at Kitty* If anything about her annoyed me, I wouldn’t say it.

Kitty: *looks away shyly*

Jeff: do you think your personalities are similar or opposite?

Peter: *playing with Kitty’s ponytail* I think we’re pretty different, but not too much. We’re both pretty quiet, and we like technology, but she’s more emotional and I’m more objective.

Kitty: *nods* I think we're just different enough to complement each other

Peter: *nods and smiles* Exactly.

Krissy: What would your lives be like without each other?

Kitty:*softly* brother would still... *looks down*

Peter: *protectively tightens his arm around her* Her brother would hurt her. I saved her, sorta.

Kitty: He stood up to him... He made him stop.

Peter: *smiles* Life without Kitty....*shakes his head* She’s my everything.

Kitty: *looks away shyly*

Jeff: are you guys ever embarrassed of each other?

Peter: No. *shakes his head* Logically, knowing me, it should annoy me when she gets scared and shy. But it just makes me angry and protective, not embarrassed.

Kitty: He makes me laugh... But he doesn't really embarrass me. *smiles softly*

Krissy: Does anyone disapprove of you being together?

Peter: *shrugs* I wouldn’t care if they did.

Kitty: *shakes her head*

Krissy: Do you think this is a long-term relationship? Maybe even one leading to marriage?

Kitty: *whispers softly* I.... I hope so.

Peter: *smiles softly at Kitty* It’s definitely a possibility. Of course, there are dozens of other possibilities, but….I wouldn’t mind that one. *grins*

Kitty: *grins*

Krissy: *smiles* Last question, guys, then you’re free to go. What would be the perfect outing?

Kitty: *softly* Sitting on a couch close together, tinkering. *smiles*

Peter: *smiles and nods* That, or working on the engine. Making out when we need a break. *grins at Kitty*

Kitty: *turns bright red and looks away smiling*

Peter: *strokes her cheek with his thumb, smiling*

Krissy: *grins* Thanks so much you two!

Peter: *smiles* No problem.

Kitty: *nods and smiles leaning against Peter*

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