Saturday, August 9, 2014

Beautiful People Linkup #3

 So, this month I'm doing the Beautiful People linkup again. These are fun(if not extremely mentally challenging).

 Today, I think I will interrogate  interview Barrow. This guy.

So, without further ado, I give you Barrow!

Barrow: Hi guys! So, what exactly are we doing?

Me: I'm interrogating you.


Question 1: What do you regret most in your life?

You have to answer or I'll do it for you.

Fine. I regret trusting people.

Anyone specific?

My cousin.

Ok, we're moving on because you look like you want to kill something.
Question 2: What is your happiest memory, and your most sorrowful memory?

I remember once, when I was a little kid, I was in the garden playing with my best friend. Mother didn't call us in until it was nearly dark. I'd never had so much fun in my life.
Of course, he died that winter, so that kind of ruins it.

That…that is awful. I really needed more sad stories to use against you, didn't I?

And my worst memory…I was hiding in the corner, and Teir was kicking me and saying horrible things about me and…and…

Ok, we're moving on now. That's enough misery for one question.
Question 3: What majorly get on your nerves?

When people try to control me. I do what I want, thank you very much. 

Oh no don't-

When people criticize my rock collection.


I mean seriously, what's wrong with my rocks? I like them. They're pretty. You don't have to be spiteful because of it.

Dude, you're sixteen!

And that's applicable because….

Ugh, never mind.
Question 4: Do you act differently when you're around people as opposed to being alone? If so, how?

Yes. I'm very gregarious when I'm with other people. When I'm alone…

When you're alone you do nothing but hate yourself and bemoan your miserable life.


*clears throat* Question 5: What are your beliefs and superstitions?

Well, I believe in the gods and all. I am not particularly religious; not like Danica. But I pray and do my best to follow them.

Good boy.
Question 6: What are your catchphrases or things you say frequently?

"Well, this is absurd."

"Are you sure that's wise? It could end badly."

Ummm…any others?

"Where's the food?"  "Can I sleep now?"  "Ooh look at that!"  "Why not? It looks fun."  "Don't tell me what to do!"  "You're all so boring…"

That was very good, especially since I haven't come into the story yet…

Why thank you.
Question 7: Would you be more prone to facing your fears or running from them?

Well…I don't like people to know that I'm frightened, so I have no choice but to face my fears.

*cough* people pleaser *cough*


Question 8: Do you have a good self image?
OK. I'm just going to answer this one for him. Years of being abused by the person he admired most has left him…a little lacking in confidence. Which he doesn't need to be, because he's awesome. Hint hint.

You still have to write the character development. You can't just fix me in the nothingness world known as character chats.

I know. 
Question 9: Do you turn to people when you're upset, or do you isolate yourself?

I usually isolate myself. I have to trust you a lot to share my problems with you. Which doesn't happen often. I do use my friends as a distraction though. Works well until they're gone.

Oh wow, that was your last question! This next one is for me.
Question 10: If they were standing next to you, would it make you laugh or cry?
Well, after the "HOLY CRAP YOU'RE REAL THIS IS AMAZING" freakout, I would probably laugh. Because we would just be awkwardly standing there and he would say something really funny.

Thanks for letting me interrogate you, Barrow! That was fun.

For you maybe. But can I watch next time? I want to watch Katria squirm.

No. I'm not doing Katria next. And you will be turned off when I turn her on to interrogate her.


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. I did. :)


  1. Anyone who uses "gregarious" is awesome in my opinon. ;) (It's SUCH an epic word, just saying.) Barrow sounds like a really awesome person! And a bit sassy....which is awesome to read. XD
    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. He's sassy and he likes big words; is there a better combination?! :D
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Amazing job with the questions. I love it when people interview their characters. I'd do it myself, but I'm afraid my characters wouldn't sound nearly as interesting!

  3. Thanks! It's really fun when you ask the characters the questions instead of answering for them.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. This is awesome! I'm inspired to do one too now. XD