Saturday, November 14, 2015

In which I spam you with links and flail sadly about NaNo

   It's been an interesting week.
   I'm still sick, but not so sick that I can't sit around and write like I did last week. I've had all day shopping trips/doctor's appointments and basically?
   Writing didn't really happen.

Me too, Snape. Me too.
   Last week when I posted. I had 6k, almost 7k. Right now? I'm at 8k 8628 words if you want to know exactly. I've been trying not to get down on myself for not writing very much, but it's hard. A good friend reached 50k today. It's hard feeling so behind. I just have to remind myself that it's okay to go at your own pace, it's okay that life happens. We're leaving on vacation this Saturday, so this week will be busy with packing and planning, so writing will probably be limited next week too.
   But it's okay if I'm behind, because I can catch up. It's okay if I don't win.
   It's okay if i publish this post that I'm writing at 10:30 at night.

   And I obviously didn't have the time to write up a post about Children of the Nameless like I did last week, so instead you get links. (The main story playlist is a lot bigger and better than the individual character ones.)

Children of the Nameless - story board  playlist
Kaleth - character board  playlist
Danica - character board  playlist
Barrow - character board  playlist
Allorie - character board  playlist
Katria - character board  playlist
Egin - character board  playlist

And now I shall sleep. And/or write. Goodnight. 


  1. WAAAAHT YOU HAVE PLAYLISTS FOR EACH CHARACTER?! Dude, that's amazing. I need to go listen to them allll. (and stalk all your character boards.)
    (And somehow get a hold of your novel because I want ittt. xD)

    But, don't get discouraged. Somehow I write crazy fast and I must not have a life or something. xD
    8,600 is 8,600 more than you started with and I BELIEVE IN YOUU.
    And don't give up. (because I won't let you give up ahahah.) Keep writing and at this pace you could get to like 20,000 by the end of the month which would be super amazing. (actually any word count is amazing because writing is hard.)


  2. Don't be down on yourself!! You're doing great, girl, and that 8.6K is one awesome slice of one awesome book that YOU WROTE!! That is totally awesome! Plus, you've still got half the month left. You've got this. :)
    And I happen to follow 3 or 4 people who've already hit 50K, and while they're all super duper awesome people and great writers, between you and me *whispers* /they're kinda crazy/. Hey, great if you can finish your novel in ten days!! That's awesome!! But if you can't, that's nothing to be depressed about-- at least you should still be sane at the end of the month. xD
    Good luck with the rest of NaNo!