Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten All-time Favorite Books

   I don't do favorites. I can't. There are too many wonderful books/musicians/movies/etc. out there.
   Ten favorites, on the other hand? That I can do. But in no particular order, because that's too difficult.
   (This fabulous linkup is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. I'm not doing the one from this week, but I'm still super excited about it!)

1. Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling
 How could I not include Harry Potter? It's my soul.

2. Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull
 This one's not as well known as Harry Potter, but it's obviously one of my absolute favorites. Magic and siblings and bravery, oh my.

3. Beyonders series by Brandon Mull
 If you couldn't tell, I really like Brandon Mull. He's my idol, and the Beyonders books have inspired me as I write CotN.

4. The Giver by Lois Lowry
 Oh how I love this book. It's sad and haunting and thought-provoking and absolutely wonderful.

5. The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson
 I mean seriously. A gearpunk alternate history murder mystery with chalk drawings that come to life and a possible INTJ/ENFP ship and chalk fights and one of my favorite MCs ever.

6. A Matter of Magic by Patricia C. Wrede
 Another fav MC. Kim is pretty hardcore. AND THE SHIPPING OH HELP ME THE SHIPPING. Also magic.

7. Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare
 Okay technically I cheated. I read an abridged Manga adaption. BUT IT'S GLORIOUS. And I want to write a modern AU version someday.

8. The Shadow Children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix
 She's another favorite author. I've read most of her books, and I absolutely adore this series. Yay for good dystopian!

9. Havard by Aimee Meester
 Technically this one should have been up at the top. It might possibly be my favorite book of all time. Sadly I can't link you to it because it's not published yet but IT WILL BE SOON AND IT WILL BREAK ALL OF YOU LIKE IT BROKE ME. It's about Norwegian soldiers and psych ward patients and illegal experiments and blood and colors and snow and feels.

10. Thirteenth Child by Patricia C. Wrede
 This whole series is good, but I really like the first one. It's about a girl in an alternate-history America who is always being told that she's going to turn evil, because she's the thirteenth child in the family. It's a very lovely story and Eff is a wonderful character(Mrs. Wrede writes really awesome characters).

So, what are some of your favorites? Are any on my list? Do you want to read any of these of course you do go read them now ?



  2. I've read almost all of these (technically maybe all but I only read the first of the Shadow Children books and I barely remember it), and you have excellent taste. ALSO PATRICIA FREAKING WREDE THOUGH SHE'S LIKE MY FAVORITE AUTHOR OR AT LEAST ONE OF THEM AND ASDFKLJ;G WE HAVE TO FANGIRL OVER HER STUFF.

    And /Havaaaard/ though.

  3. Thirteenth Child sounds like one I want to read, because my current WIPs FMC has been told by everyone except her family that she's evil because her Destiny (everyone has one in my WIP) is to murder someone. It sounds like it may provide good research. :D
    Also, everyone in GTW talks about Havard and I want to read it. *pouty face*
    I read the first one or two Shadow Children books and don't remember much of them, and I want to read The Giver because I liked the movie and it's a pretty good chance that the book is even better.

    1. Oh yes, Thirteenth Child would be excellent for research. And you should definitely read The Giver! It's amazing.
      And I'm sure you'll get the chance to read Havard eventually. The main character is INTJ. ;)

    2. Oh, I forgot to mention that I also love Harry Potter and that I'm a Brandon Sanderson NUT. The Rithmatist was a little different from what I usually read but I liked it a lot. The interaction between the two MCs (I forget their names, it's been a month or two) was fabulous. xD
      AAAAAGGGHHHH an INTJ who isn't the villain? Sign me up.

    3. Oh gosh yes, Melody and Joel are the besttttttt. XD
      Yes yes he's glorious! (I'm totally not in love with him and Aimee totally didn't let me marry him. *nervous laughter* XD)

    4. Oh . . . oh dear. I've heard of being in love with fictional characters, but never being married to one . . .

    5. Hahaha Our friend wanted to "marry" one of Aimee's other characters, and I was like "If she gets to marry Eli I'm marrying Havard". XD

  4. I have no doubt Aimee's book will be awesome :D

    Out of these, the only ones I've read are HP and The Giver. Good choices!