Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beautiful People: Character Interiew

Today, I'm going to interview my character Egin, using the questions from the Beautiful People thing on Cait and Mime's blog Notebook Sisters. (Yes, I'm new to this; why do you ask?)

1) What is their full name and is there a story behind why they got it?

His full name is Egin. And I just made it up. But the country he's from is based on Scandinavia, and when I looked at a list of Scandinavian names..."Egon" was one of them. I was very happy. 

2) How old are they, and when were they born?

He's 15. He was born in late winter....and he lives in a fantasy world so there's not really a year.

3) Describe their physical appearance. (Bonus questions: 1. What is their race/nationality/ethnicity? 2. Do you have a picture?)

He has red hair. He's a hunter, so he wears a lot of leather and rough materials.
1. He's pretty much a Viking. Which is really cool.
2. Yes. Yes I do. *slightly obsessive laugh* He looks exactly like Eddie Redmayne, so it's really easy to find good pictures.
Look at him; he's so adorable!

*fangirls* :3

ok I'm stopping now.

4) Describe your character's personality first in one word, and then elaborate with a few sentences.

He's lived alone in a forest for most of his life, so...he's not very good with people. And he's not very talkative. And he's a little too curious. If he can't physically see the danger, he'll probably check it out. And despite the fact that he's pretty shy and seems kinda unfriendly, he honestly likes people a lot. He's also an amazing archer.

5) What theme song(s) fit their personality and story arc?

I haven't really thought of this yet. I will probably comment if I figure out a song.

6) Which one of the seven deadly sins describes your character? (Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Wrath, Pride.)


7) If they were an element (fire, water, earth, air) which would they be?

Water. He's very mellow and relaxed.

8) What is their favorite word?


9) Who's one person they really miss?

His best friend(who still doesn't have a name). He would stay with her family when he was staying in town. And they became really close and stuff.

10) What sights, sounds, and smells remind them of that person?

Ugh, you people are making me think. Uuummmm…porridge. She would make porridge when he would visit and now it makes him think of her. (This is new information to me and now I'm giving myself feels. #writerproblems )

And that's it! Thanks for reading; comment, like, subscribe(I guess I'm youtuber now. Hm).

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  1. Haha! Glad the questions made you think. ;) I love how they make me explore sides of my characters I wouldn't have thought of until now, right?! LOVE. *ahem* Egin is such an awesome name, and sounds like a really cool character. Archery? *swoons*
    Thanks for linking up with us!